Union commission on data and information


In 2008 the IUGG established the Union Commission on Data and Information (hereafter UCDI) to provide IUGGs eight Associations an entity to deal with data and information issues at the Union level and engage with similar bodies in other Unions and Societies.

Data and information science is rapidly becoming the domain of data professionals rather than practicing scientists who traditionally manage data and information. Research scientists are increasingly dependent on specialists in data and information. These experts and those connected with them need a formal professional structure like any other discipline group so they can inter alia, share expertise, and avoid replication of effort.


UCDI will enable a high level of cooperation within and between scientific communities. This cooperation is needed in order to ensure the availability of modern data and information systems and services, which are globally distributed, provide universal open access, and are sustainable.

The UCDI objectives are to:

  1. Bullet provide a focus and single voice within IUGG, spanning all IUGG Associations and inter-Association bodies.

  2. Bullet connect IUGG and its scientists to other bodies/agencies/initiatives that have interest and responsibility on matters of geo-data.

  3. Bullet advocate and facilitate research and development in the growing field of informatics to improve data and information systems and practices.

  4. Bullet promote open access to data and adoption of inter- operable data sets.


  1. Bullet  Data science: Earth and space (geo)- informatics.

  2. Bullet Distributed data systems: virtual observatories, libraries, research communities and organizations.

  3. Bullet  Open access to data and information.

  4. Bullet All issues related with data acquisition, processing, storing, manipulation, interpretation and use.


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2011 Newsletter

The Commission provides a focused and sustainable organizational structure that supports and strengthens IUGG science through integrated scientific information activities.